Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crack Spackle

Jake, wearing my expensive Smart Wool socks, learning to spackle walls!
You have NO idea how much fun the words "crack spackle" is for young boys!  As part of the Basement Improvement Program, today's task was to fill in all the wall dents that have occurred over the last 40 years.  Looking at all the dings and dents, you'd think somebody has been having a huge ax fight in our basement.

working together

While all this was going on - the teaching and doing.  I was reminded of a mother cat teaching her young to catch mice.  I believe it's generally agreed that if a mother cat doesn't teach her young to catch mice, another generation of cats won't know this important skill.  Not all cats are mousers.

hard to get corner crack

In the same vein, how do young people learn home improvements if it's not through their parents, and in this case, their Dad?  Today was another learning time for the boys, who are 8 and 11. 

spackled spots

Next is installing a new door into an existing archway.  It's all so exciting.
See here for the "before" photo.


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