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December 31, 2010

This blog was launched in late August of 2010 when my husband and I decided to sell our cars for scrap. 

Trying to live frugally, raise our kids and be responsible means that we kept our 1996 Chevy truck and 1998 Ford Windstar minivan for the long run.  By the summer of 2010, the air conditioning on both vehicles were worn out and not worth fixing. Luckily for us, no major repairs were needed for either vehicle either but we knew that it was a just a matter of time, we were probably days away from an engine falling out of the Windstar.

When we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the Fall of 2004, we strategically moved close my office, schools and shopping.  We also live near a bus line.  So even though we owned 2 cars, we didn't use them that much, it wasn't part of our routine.  And then the oldest of our 4 children passed his driving test and our auto insurance carrier was notified of a new driver in our family. 

We explained, over and over again, that our son would not be driving our cars as he was ready to leave for college 10 hours away, by car.  He would not have access to our cars - but that didn't matter.  The policy that we have requires that all licensed drivers be included on the policy, no and's if's or but's.  A modified/increased statement was in the mail.  So in a nano second of showing the insurance who's in charge - we decided to sell our cars for scrap.  So there....we made about $500 from both cars, less money than a new Vitamix blender cost.

This happened on August 28, 2010.  And as it turns out, we really don't need to own our own car.  There are buses, bikes, sidewalks, taxis, rental cars, zip cars, trains and airplanes.  How many of us own our own plane?  Not many.  As it turns out, we are saving boat loads of money by only using a car when we need it. 

When our son flew home for Thanksgiving, we rented a car from a nearby rental desk, and had a car for the week - which we put more than a few miles on. 

We go with friends when we have a mutual destination.  I'd like to believe that it makes our friends feel good too that we are budying-up and sharing their car to go to the same place - birthday parties, Costco food runs etc....

We are not car haters - it's a decision of cost, energy dependence, ecological consciousness and so forth.  There are times when a car - either ownership, rental, or sharing, is the right thing to do. 

We are biding our time when it makes sense to own a car again.  Until then, share the adventure as we make our way through the daily routine without owning a car.

Happy trails


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About me - 1 husband, 4 kids, a blog, and a full-time job with the US Environmental Protection Agency where I work in the Clean Air program.  I like to eat, cook, and read fiction books.  I also need to loose a few pounds - a blog partially dedicated to food isn't helping with my girlish figure!