Saturday, September 4, 2010

Test Driving the New Bike Trailer

Our grocery list was growing so we prepared for a shopping expedition to Sam's Club with the new bike trailer.  It's about 15 miles roundtrip from our house to Sam's Club on Carpenter.  The wind was blowing something fierce today!

Locking up the bikes and trailer at Sam's Club
There were a lot of cars circling the Sam's Club lot this afternoon.  There is a large cooler in the trailer to bring home the frozen fruit and dairy products.
Loading all the groceries into the trailer and cooler

We had to breakdown the toilet paper bundle and strap them separately on top of the cooler.  Taking a bike and trailer for groceries makes you think twice about what is really important.  I found myself putting stuff back and giving items a second thought - do I really need this really pretty ceramic mixing bowl set.  When I had the car, I would have paid $20 for a set of 5 pretty bowls.  Today, I put the box back.  How would I get it home, why do I need more bowls, what am I willing to give up to have this box fit in the trailer (not TP!).

Loading food into cooler
With the wind howling all around, it was a pretty tough ride back home for Craig but he didn't complain.  Once it's really winter in Ann Arbor, the sidewalks from our house to Sam's Club won't be plowed and we will have to rethink our grocery needs - how much are we willing to spend at Whole Foods, which is closer versus using a Zipcar.  And what food do we really need every week that justify's a car/bike trip during winter weather - food for thought.

(See our second trip here, along with tips


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