Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Sam's Club Trip with Bike Trailer

Second Trip to Sam's Club with the Bike Trailer
Craig made his second Sam's Club trip today (without me) to replenish the stores from the maiden voyage here

The lesson of the day is to bring the 2 smaller ice chests, instead of the large 7-day cold storage chest.  This way, there is a chest for cold foods and one for frozen foods.  Then bring the chests into the store using a shopping cart.  And NOT buy any more items then what will comfortably fit in the main compartment of the ice chests and cart, as in, nothing underneath or sticking out the top.  A moderately loaded shopping cart is a fully loaded bike trailer.  The trailer's maximum capacity is 160 pounds.  I heard it was bursting at the seams and fully loaded.
Loading Grocieries into the Coolers and Trailer
Last time, there were bulky but light items (toilet paper).  This second trip had more heavy items and I heard aftwards that copious amounts of sweat was flying through the air, especially on the way up Glazier.  This second trip included - potatoes, onions, macaroni, larabars, apples, raisen bran, peanut butter, jelly, lettuce, celery, spinach, fish sticks, 2 bags of frozen fruit (10 pounds), ranch dressing, cheese sticks, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Now that I'm looking at the list, our diet seems a little bland and boring! 

You might notice and ask "where's the meat"?  We buy our meat from Michigan family farm and have it butchered at Gary's Meat out of Union, Michigan.  We will receive our spring lamb in the next few weeks and a pig later in the Fall.

Astrid (just reporting the events! not part of the adventure today)

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