Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And so another chapter of our lives is hauled off

October 19, 2010 Update: Yesterday we received the W-2 statement from Purple Heart concluding the transaction.  The whole process took a little less than 2 months and was completed without a hitch.

Boat hauled off by towing company hired by Purple Heart
Late today, another tow truck company stopped by to pick up the boat on behalf of Purple Heart Donations.  The boat will be auctioned off and proceeds to benefit military personell.  This leaves us with an aging lawn mower, rototiller, and chain saw...all of which will be replaced with environmentally friendly, non-oil dependent energy alternatives.
A husband and wife team came with 2 towing vehicles, making the rounds of the surrounding communities picking up various cars and other cast-offs.  There was some trash-talk of the dispicable state of Ann Arbor roads and how congested the area was with all the road repair and construction. 

The journey continues.


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