Monday, October 18, 2010

Tom Moloughney's Electric BMW Mini

My Dad is an avid reader and he frequently sends me links to interesting articles.  Today he nudged me to read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Tom Moloughney, owner and blogger with an electric BMW Mini.  Here is Tom's blog.
Tom was one of the first people in America to lease a beta version of a BMW Mini electric car.  He writes a blog of his day to day experiences.  In real life, he is a chef/restaurant owner living on the East Coast commuting 30 miles a day to his job.  I didn't realize that electric cars were somewhat available to a chosen few.

My family is still on the "short list" for a Nissan LEAF due out in Michigan sometime late the meantime, we'll just bike, bus, Zipcar, rent, walk, taxi, train,'s all good.


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