Kristoffer's Lego Creations

Kris, mugging for the camera
Kristoffer is my youngest and an avid Lego creator.  Here are some of his most precious creations.  I'll update as he makes more.

5.  Moved the Lego Table to his room and added another tower kit

4. Rearranging some of his kit pieces into other things.

3.  Kristoffer was given a $100 by his Great Grandmother and he knew right away what he wanted!  The Lego King's Castle....Somewhere near 950 pieces that he put together in a few hours.  He was thrilled...I had sort of thought that $100 would have kept him occupied or stymied a little longer but he's now down in the basement at his Lego tables, reinventing his entire landscape.

 2.  My dinner salad with embellishments.

My dinner salad embellished with the Princess and her entourage
 1.  The existing creations.