Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

The weather was fabulous Sunday afternoon, which makes doing the rounds a pleasure. We had books due at the library.  I can't say enough good things about the Ann Arbor public library but that's another post!
Parking our bikes at the Leslie Nature Center
We left after lunch and rode out to the Leslie Nature Center to visit the critters. We've been to the LNC many times but today was the first time I've really noticed the old gas pump.  The Leslie's lived on the property from 1923 to 1976, talking care of 50 acres amongst other things.  At some point a gas pump must have been installed for farm equipment and cars.  Dr. Eugene Leslie was a chemical engineer and worked on projects such as no-knock gasoline.  See here  Imagine how convenient it would be to have your own gas pump!
Old, non-functioning, gas pump at the Leslie Nature Center
After visiting with the little critters, we took the back way through the golf course to the Traverwood Branch of the library system to drop off and pick up new materials.  On the way, the boys wanted to stop at Stuebingen Park and play around on the par course.  Then homeward bound.

Pit stop at Stuebingen Park
Parking our bikes at Traverwood Branch Library
We swapped out old movies, books, and CDs for a new batch.  Kathrin is working her way through House MD videos, the boys are keen to watch the directors cut of Das Boot, and I'm looking forward to watching Ghost Writer.

Happy trails

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