Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of Third Week - Houston We Have a Set-Back

It's cruel, the 2.5 pounds I lost last week made a return appearance!  So after 3 weeks, I'm down 1.5 pounds.  Not a great start.  I'm telling myself it's all a learning experience, today is another day blah blah blah

I am disappointed though but I don't have anybody to blame but myself.  Nobody made me make apple cake with caramel frosting and nobody twisted my arm to have a few bites.

I can also rationalize that maybe I didn't really loose 2.5 pounds the week before and ....OK I'll stop now.

Today is Day 22, start of the fourth week.  Onward and upward..or is it downward!
French Bistro Meal (which I won't be having today)
I'm done sulking.  I've decided to be French and sophisticated today.  While supposedly, French women don't count calories, I'm not ready for that transition and I'm not sure about the smoking either but fancy lingerie sounds good.

Breakfast - yogurt (170)
Lunch - full pouch Tasty Bite Spinach Dal and a chocolate (350)
Snack Buddy - hummus and tortilla chips (400)
Dinner - Breakfast Night 2 eggs, salad greens, hummus, oven roasted potatoes (450)

The troops had chicken wings


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