Monday, September 6, 2010

Whole-Wheat Bread Perfection

Perfecting 100% whole wheat recipe
I've been baking bread of some form or another for years.  With my Vitamix, it's super easy to grind whole wheat whenever I need it.  The grain grinder that we own is a manual version for the counter that includes an adapter for the Kitchen Aide stand mixer.  With both of these options, it still takes a while to set up, grind and clean up.  With the Vitamix dry container, grinding whole grains takes just over a minute.

I've been perfecting the whole wheat recipe in the Vitamix Recipe Binder.  I posted earlier here generally following the recipe. 

Today, I mixed all the ingredients and follwed a more standarized method of allowing the dough to rise in a greased bowl for about 30 minutes before placing the dough into 2 greased loaf pans.  I let the dough rise in the loaf pans another 30 or so minutes and ta-da!  The most wonderful smelling, whole wheat bread.

Can't wait to slice into this loaf
Bon appetite!

I just watched the movie "Julie and Julia".  What a wonderful story - there were so many things about Julia Childs that I didn't know. 


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