Sunday, March 6, 2011

Basement - Finished!!!!


This is a finished project that has been a long time in the coming.  Renovating the basement common area to something usefull and tasteful that will entice people to use the space - for something other than a dumping ground.

The youngest had a large table for Lego, and it's been used as a game room/Xbox room off and on.  But yet, it wasn't comfortable or enticing.  Just some space where junk accumulated.

Our oldest is away at college and comes home from time to time during school breaks.  With his departure to college, his bedroom was immediately taken by one of the younger kids.  We still needed a place for the oldest to come home to.  So the Basement Improvement Project was conceived.

We hauled out all of the junk, finished out an archway area into more wall space and a door, painted the walls, replaced the skanky carpeting, bought new furniture, and made the basement a combination part time bedroom and teen rec room.

I think it turned out wonderfully! 

Ikea Billy bookcase and Hemnes TV stand
Hemnes 3-drawer dresser
Conference table, four chairs and Manstad sleeper sofa

Moving in - homework, computers, guitars
Seating area - couch and 2 bean bag chairs
Ikea Manstad couch folded out to a double/queen bed

I'm thrilled with the results.  It's the way I envisioned the colors and features.  Hopefully, Big Boy and other kids will enjoy the space for years to come. 

The Flor carpet squares worked out really well and the furniture looks to meet the function.  The party starts here tomorrow!

On to the next project.

Start here for the first Basement post.


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