Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warm Salad With Egg

Salad greens with warm fried potatoes, peppers, and corn bread croutons topped with a fried egg
I was running a bit late tonight from the office (literally running!) but thank goodness it was egg night.  This is an "easy" night for me to prep dinner.  It's eggs after all, how complicated can that be.  The dinner rotation schedule that I've posted about before is great for nights like this.  We all know it's egg night and it's super easy for me to cut a few corners, nothing fancy, and nobody is the wiser.

Tonight I looked in the fridge and found a left over baked potato, corn bread croutons, a fresh yellow bell pepper and salad greens. Dinner's practically done!

Things I found in the fridge - corn croutons, baked potato, bell pepper, heads of lettuce
A heated pan with olive oil to saute the potato, peppers, croutons
Chopped greens

Starting to prep plates

Add the sauteed mixture to the salads
Frying eggs - I don't have a lid for my fabulous nonstick eco pan



The second plate with toast and eggs

My perfect beauteous plate
This came together rather quickly, it helps to have fresh veg in the fridge and recycled left overs!


Weight Watcher's: 4 points for 2 eggs, 1 point olive oil, 1 point for a few left over potato pieces and 2 points for  a few left over corn bread croutons for a total of 8 points for dinner.

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