Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner Menu Rotation - or how I save my sanity every night

Dinner roation schedule
A few years back, in order to accomplish several goals, we embarked on a set dinner rotation schedule.  It's been a life saver.  There's enough structure for the kids and just enough leeway for creativity for me.  So I don't have to listen to the endless litany of "MOM, what's for dinner?".  If the kids ask, I just remind them it's XX day which means XX for dinner...which is enough to satisfy their curriousity.

While our rotation is not as intensive as a school lunch schedule, we've worked through several permutations so that we now just go by the following Dinner Plan:

Monday - fish which is usually fish sticks for the kids and canned salmon for the adults and oven potatoes
Tuesday - Italian/pasta, salad etc
Wednesday - Mexican/bean, tortillas, cheese, salad etc
Thursday - Breakfast which is usually eggs of some kind with fresh baked bread
Friday - PIZZA (the kid's favorite night), usually a wheat crust
Saturday and Sunday are Chef's choice....

There is usually an appropriately themed salad, some sort of nut/legume,  and the never ending Vitamix smoothie.  We generally stick to the tried and true combination of protein/carb/vegi/fruit sort of thing on our plates.  A little bit of everything and hope we've got it all covered.

Happy Meals


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