Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Our Newest Zipcar

Pimpare, a Toyota Prius, has just been added to the "fleet" at the Zipcar lot at the corner of Beale and Bonisteel on North Campus.  Up until recently, we had two cars to choose from - "Emily", a Ford Escape and "Deacy", a Scion xD.  Craig went back through our reservations and requested this car preferentially over the other two.  Can't wait to try out a Prius.  With Zipcar, reservations are made for specific cars, not from a pool.  A Honda Insight is also available on Central Campus and we'll try that car at some point too.

After having driven a 12 year old Ford Windstar, these new little cars are great.  There are so many new features that are probably standard on cars that we haven't experienced before, driving older cars.

My favorite "feature" is the Ipod hookup!  We all hopped in the Scion last Saturday, hooked up my ITouch and listened to my favorite tunes without the hassle of figuring out the radio system.  I don't think an Ipod was even available in the late 90's when we bought the minivan.

Happy Trails

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