Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have a Dream.. be a dancer!  Effortlessly gliding over the dance floor wearing fabulous clothes.

Last night was our first ballroom dance class through Ann Arbor Rec&Ed.  What fun!  The instructor is Dorian Deaver.  Dorian and his partner were great - they know how to teach dance and make it fun.

As it turns out, Dorian is a local celebrity who's done well  He graduated from Pioneer HS, an award winning gymnast at UofM, and now an award winning ballroom dancer.  He has his own studio for dance instruction as well as teaching through Rec&Ed.



  1. Craig's dream is probably not as strong as my dream - he was up for something fun to do without the kids but I don't think taking the dance class is a dream come true for him like it is for me.

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