Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wendy's New French Fries

The new fries at Wendy's - Large
I"m a little late the new Wendy fries reviews.  It was done well here at Grub Grade
and I agree with their assessment...(I'm probably one of the people that he's referring to)

Now, I know what you’re asking; Could you taste the difference with sea salt? In all honesty, no. I noticed a difference in the fries appearance with salt, and found the salt level to be desirable, but I don’t know if the “sea salt” lent anything in terms of flavor. But then again, I don’t know if I’m the kind of person who can truly distinguish “sea salt” with table salt given the chance, and I’m not sure the majority of American could either. Remember, this is not suppose to be an exotic, coarse and smoked sea salt that runs you a pretty penny in Williams Sonoma, but for what it’s worth I didn’t find the salt objectionable nor did I find it mind-blowingly awesome. Still, you have to realize we’re dealing with an extremely well executed menu item here in which simplicity rules, and which the potato – both from a textural and flavor standpoint – shines. Strictly speaking, I find these to be among the best fast food fries available, and considering the national range of Wendy’s, a strong contender to McDonald’s infamous fries. Needless to say, I ain’t subbing a side salad on my future combo meals at Wendy’s.
Right On!
My "value" menu-sized fries (smaller than a small size)
For a less favorable review, see Serious Eats here

Old favorite - Chili
My favorite menu item, besides a huge frosty, is the chili...always the same, tasty, and dependable with plenty of meat, onions, peppers, and tomatoey goodness.
My small-sized chili - I thought it was a bit thin today, not like the photo above, but same taste as always

Like Grub Grade, dipping fries in a Frosty is a time honored tradition but since I was minding my p's&q's, I didn't order one today.  The salty fries were good dipped in the chili too, with some extra spicy packs.

Like Grub Grade, I'm not ordering a side salad with  my chili next time I visit Wendy's, I'm ordering a large serving of fries.  Way to go Wendy's.

This part is always such a shocker!

Value fries - 220 calories
Large fries  520 calories
Small chili - 220 calories
Large chili - 330 calories
Junior frosty - 150 calories
Small frosty - 310 calories


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