Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chicago Part 8 of 8 - walking about Chicago

I love that some streets have honorary names!
Magnificent Mile - the name says it all!

Kathrin and I are already planning our next trip back to one of the best streets in America.  After spending the last 6 years in a nice smallish town, seeing how the other half lives was incredible - beautiful architecture, the hustle-bustle, just everything about it was so much fun to see.  We were content just to walk around and take it all in.

The boys were totally intrigued with snow - as if they hadn't seen it before!  I suppose sitting still on a train for 5+ hours had something to do with their energy.  I might have yelled at them once or twice to "put the snow down and keep your hands dry".  A mother never rests.   So the boys improvised and started kicking a piece of ice....

Lunch at McDonald's
If you were to ask the kids what the best part of 3 days in Chicago was - they'd tell you Eggnog Milkshakes

Eggnog milkshake - food of the gods

It was almost surreal to walk around downtown Chicago.  It was so big and so loud and so interesting.

A barge on the Chicago River going underneath us on a bridge

Wolinsky's Restaurant on the Chicago River
Notice the round building with lower parking structure.  There were cars backed into parking spaces.  Thank goodness I don't have to drive around Chicago, it would be, in Kathrin's words "an epic FAIL".


Elevated trains
Bike messenger
Buses, taxis, cars
The Sears Tower (aka Willis Tower) is the taller dark structure in the back of the photo
I wished I had taken more pictures.  As it was, I thought I had the camera in my face the better part of the trip but I only downloaded 250 pictures over 3 days - not as many as I thought. 
Michigan Ave at night - Kat and I did a little shopping

We had a great trip and hope to do another train trip soon.  The train is such a civilized way to travel.  I'd like to see Washington DC and New York City.  Any suggestions?


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