Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Door and a Wall for the Basement

A new door and wall
As part of the Basement Improvement Project, the goal was to wall-off an office area and make the main area a bit more pleasing for our soon to be home for Spring Break, son-away at college.  We took an odd shaped opening between the two areas and added a door and sheet rocked wall.

Odd shaped opening between office and main area

removing some of the low over hang

Over hang removed

test fitting the door

adding studs and anchors for the sheet rock

gluing and bolting down sheet rock anchors

another job well done

Tomorrow's task is to "mud in" the sheet rock and get the walls ready to  paint.  While the mud is curing, we will re level the floor and seal the odd strip around the edges where a french drain system was installed a few years ago.

Another step closer to Stuart's Man Cave.  See start of the project here.

So far, we have spent

$770 Flor carpet
$40 paint
$40 miscellaneous bolts, glue, nails, floor leveler etc.  I'm not counting the door and sheet rock as we already had these on hand...

For a total of $850, so far...the rest of the spending will be furniture and a flat screen TV.



  1. . . .and a bare-chested handy man! Woo-hoo!

  2. Reply to Anonymous:

    Bare chested handy men are amazing!