Friday, February 11, 2011

Zamaan Cafe - my second visit

Hummus Bi Shawarma with Chicken

Craig and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Zamaan Cafe last September.  I especially loved the hummus and posted about it here.  I've been wanting to go back after reading this review by Lisa and Joe of KitchenChick,

Zamaan Cafe at 3580 Plymouth Road at the corner of Plymouth and Green, Ann Arbor MI 48015

Paper menu

A section of the menu with hummus plates

Falafel - fried chick pea patties with tahini
The falafel were superb, everything you'd expect in a freshly prepared food - light and crispy on the outside and wonderfully tender on the inside.  No heavy greasy feeling.  Topped with a tahini sauce and more parsley.
I read in the other review that the pita is not made in the restaurant but even still, it was fresh and complimented the meal.
Cinnamon tea
My friend had the tea and couldn't stop raving about the flavor.  Our waitress wouldn't disclose the recipe or ingredients other than to say that it was just cinnamon, no tea, with a sweetener.
Makale is the dish I've been wanting to try since the last time I was here - hummus with fried potatoes, eggplant, tomato, and lemon juice.  The dish was everything I'd hope for - lot of thick, creamy hummus topped with seasoned cubes of potatoes and flavorful eggplant.  The underlying bits of tomato, parsley and lemon juice really added to the overall flavor and freshness of the dish.  I will order this again!
Hummus Bi Shawarma with beef
Hummus Bi Shawarma is similar to the Makale in that a huge portion of hummus is topped with tasty food - this time with seasoned beef, tomatoes, purple onions and parsley.  I found the beef a bit chewy but my friend thought it was wonderfully tender.  I enjoyed it but preferred the Makale.
Our lovely wait staff

New and improved dining room

The dinning room view from the front door - take out counter at the back
This was another wonderful meal.  I'm ready to go back and try more menu items - especially the hummus with spicy sausage.  The atmosphere is appealing and comfortable and my friends and I couldn't stop raving about the food - the freshness and great combinations. 

Four lunch dishes, 1 appetizer, and 1 drink plus tip came to $50.  A fine meal.


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