Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Breakfast

Friends joined us for our Super Bowl Sunday Morning Breakfast walk to a local dive.  At 7:00 am this morning it was still dark, with lots of fresh snow.

The boys frolicked as if they haven't played in snow for ages.

After a leisurely 30 minute walk, we arrived at a closed restaurant so the boys go comfortable.

Mark's Mid-Town Coney Island has nice big tables in the back, which is where the seven of us parked ourselves for a relaxed Sunday morning pig-out.  We had it all - pancakes, eggs, toast, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, chili cheese fries, chicken fried steak, hash browns, chicken sandwich, Mountain Dew and copious amounts of coffee.

For some reason, the photos didn't turn out really well today, which is too bad because we had a great time.  Kat had to rush off to work, so she took her left-overs with her for lunch.

It was nice to chatter and stroll through the snow, watch the boys run around, and enjoy a decadent breakfast.


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