Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basement - matched set

Four matching chairs for the game table
Today was another race against the clock between snow storms.  My friend Nina and I managed to bring home 3 chairs, a 5-foot table frame, a set of table legs, a 2-drawer TV stand, and assorted small items (more dishes - cough cough) all in my sub-compact rental - yeah girl power.  And poop to the old man who didn't think we could get it all in the car and felt compelled to make cutesy comments!

Kathrin learned how to put office chairs together from her good friend Alyssa.  So while I was pushing snow off the driveway, Kat was using her new skills.  Thanks girls!

And for tonight's entertainment, another coat of primer to hide the marks on the walls. 

So all that's left to procure from Ikea is a table top and couch.....and another 4 inches of snow on the way. 

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