Friday, February 25, 2011

Basement - Great Progress

Kathrin, aka, My Little Elf, started putting furniture together!
Kathrin  never ceases to amaze me - she was fired up and started putting the TV stand together.  Tomorrow is dresser time. 

While she was busy with the drill and screw driver, I was with Rose at Ikea for my last trip - couch time.  And wow are couches large!  I didn't have my camera with me at Ikea but I wouldn't let anybody unload the SUV until I took a picture.  Four large boxes.

Rose helped me with the last remaining item, a large L-shaped couch/fold out bed
Ikea's Manstad couch

Manstad couch folded out

Manstad couch in our living room!

All the furniture is home now.  Time to finishing painting and laying carpet, put together a bit of furniture, and then it's all done and ready for Stuart.  Great team work from so many people!


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