Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Basement - Furniture Procurement

Here's where I'm at with basement furniture procurement.  Kat and I managed to wrangle a dresser and chair home today in the subcompact rental car. 
Ikea's Hemnes 3-drawer dresser - unassembled and flat packed for shipping

Hemnes 3-drawer dresser after magical elves work overnight

Skruvsta chair from catalogue
After modest assembly - only 3 more to bring home in a small rental!

But now I'm conflicted.  The matching Hemnes TV stand is supposedly sold out in the larger size I want and the prognosis for new stock is uncertain at this time.  Do I wait to see if it will ever come in stock again or do I buy the smaller stand, let the TV hang over a bit or buy a smaller TV?  Decisions....

The larger Hemnes TV stand that is out of stock for an undetermined amount of time

The smaller Hemnes cabinet that will comfortably hold a TV smaller than 42 inches
Tomorrow I go back and load the car up again - table legs, table frame, 3 more chairs and possibly the smaller TV cabinet.  Friday is couch and table surface day!

Onward and upward.

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