Monday, February 21, 2011

Basement Update - Huge Disappointment!

Ikea's Manstad couch
My friend Rose and I have been plotting and giggling, waiting for today, the Presidential Birthday, to shop at Ikea.  We sounded worse then teenage girls as we made our plans.  We even had a coupon for a free meal that expires today, we measured the cargo area of her SUV to make sure the boxes would fit, and coordinated a time.

But now, my heart is crushed - Mother Nature dropped 6-8 inches of snow on us starting yesterday afternoon, with alternating layers of freezing rain, with more snow predicted.  We've called off our expedition for a sofa for the basement.....sniff sniff.  Postponing the trip is the "right" thing to do, the adult decision, but I feel grumpy.  I have been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks.  Not only was I picking up a couch for the basement, I was also going to show Rose the delights of Ikea shopping.  In the grand scheme of things, another day is no big deal but I can't help feeling disappointed.

This is the couch I would have picked up today.
Manstad couch unfolded to sleeping position.

So instead today of shopping, and after I shovel a mountain of snow out of the driveway, I will tromp down to the basement and cover old crayon marks with primer.  I won't bother with a picture of this next task as it doesn't have much visual interest.  As we were scrubbing and spackling the wall, it was hard to imagine what went on the basement when this house was lived in by other families- were there no parents supervising their kids - marks and gouges everywhere. 

It's 6:30 in the morning and the street is alive with snow-throwers.  I'll wait until the fumes die down before starting my turn.
A big shout out to Kat who got out first thing this morning - even before me and starting working it!
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