Thursday, February 24, 2011

Red's Java House

Red's Java House, Pier 30, San Francisco, California

As a foodie, I spend a fair amount of time every day dreaming of food, especially after reading reviews by others online. Once in a while, I see a review of a place that I've been to and read the review just to see if the review matches with my recollection.  This morning with glee, I stumbled across a review of Red's Java House on the San Francisco Bay by Serious Eats.

A number of years ago, we lived across the street from this dive.  Considering the name, we never bothered going in because who takes little kids to a shack called Java House?  We were later informed that it's actually a burger we went.  Talk about nasty!  When we ate there in the 90's, I didn't remember there being french fries, the burgers were served with a choice of chips.  Soda and beer could also be purchased in a can or bottle.  It was a strictly - low rent sort of White Castle steamed burger with onions and mustard. 

What this place does have going for is LOCATION and cheap food!  All you have to do to enjoy a meal with a breathtaking view is buy a sack of food and sitdown - the vista is amazing.  Just don't breath (convenient that the view is breath "taking") as the benches are right at the edge of the pier, and it's very oderous - rotting seaweed, diesel fumes, floating detritus - ehww.....

I enjoyed the review by Serious Eats and the regurgitation of Tony Bourdain's comments about the antidote to Alice Waters.  I'm not sure when he said this because in his latest book, it seems that he's toned down his animosity towards Alice - although he does refer to her as "Pol Pot in a mumu".

If I'm ever lucky enough to be in San Francisco again, I probably won't buy my food at Red's Java House, I'll bring something with and find a bench to eat and enjoy the view.


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