Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fried Goodness

Dutch oxtail croquette, curly fries and secret sauce

While my parents were here for Christmas, my Mom gave me a hands-on tutorial for traditional Dutch oxtail croquettes.  We put half of them in the freezer for a "rainy day".    Since tonight is Super Bowl Sunday - an excuse to have a fried food extravaganza, the time was right to get the last of the croquettes cooked up for dinner.  See oxtail croquette recipe here.

I baked a bag of seasoned curly fries with seasoning.

Frozen beef croquettes were fried for 8 minutes and kept warm in the oven.

Ingredients for secret sauce - sour cream and hot sauce

Croquettes, seasoned curly fries and secret sauce
These turned out "just like Mom's"!  And every bit as good as the first batch, even though they were in the freezer for 6 weeks. 

There wasn't a whole lot of vegetation in this meal but it was Super Bowl Sunday after all.  There's always tomorrow.


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