Monday, February 7, 2011

French Fry Redux - Fish Night

I've turned into a short order cook

Monday night is fish night - which usually means canned salmon.  From lasts night meal, we had a few curly fries left over which were transformed into salad croutons.  And then there was toast, and salmon, and cheese!

Some of us hate salmon, other's detest mayo and pickles...and so on and so on.

With one can of salmon, we can make a lot of varied meals for a family of 5.

A few left over curly fries to be turned into "croutons"

Romain, celery, and chopped curly fries

The full Monty to be mixed with salmon

Canned salmon with cheddar cheese, pickles, mustard, and mayo

To be spread on toast and broiled
Lightly toasted wheat bread with salmon mixture and some with just cheese - ready for the broiler

My plate - with NO mayo and no bread
Craig's plate with toasted cheese and salmon

Jake and Kris with salmon on the side and cheese toast

All in all, another successful dinner without too much whining! 

Another Monday put to bed.  Time for school lunches, homework, baths and some quiet reading time.  Kris and I are reading another Percy Jackson book - a great way to spend an hour before bed with an eight year old reading a fun book.

Night night


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