Friday, February 4, 2011

Basement Clean Out and Carpet

Old Furniture awaiting pick-up for donation

Removing the trim and pulling up old carpeting

Flor carpet tiles delivered

Open Me First!

Installation instructions

The pattern - Rocky Road a la Mode

A moron layed down the first 4 tiles for a view (cough cough)

I'm very excited about these carpet tiles by Flor.  You may have noticed their adds recently on the web -even on this little blog.  

The cool thing about these squares is that they are made out of 80% recycled materials, are easy to lay down (and pull up), no need for under pads, or professional installation.  There are probably cheaper carpeting alternatives but I found it hard to nail down prices for comparison shopping and of course the in-home estimates hassle.  So we went with the eco-friendly, do-it-yourself product. And when we tire of the color/pattern, we can ship them back and the tiles will get recycled again!

I was able to find an Affiliate Code for a 15% first purchase discount on the web, which was gladly accepted by the individual taking my order.  I went ahead and called their toll-free number instead of their online ordering system.  The ordering part took all of 3 minutes - what color, how many tiles, what's your address and credit card number. 

Paint purchase is next, see here

Basement in it's original glory here



  1. I find Carpet tiles to be a superior choice to carpet in nearly every way. There are beautiful patterns and textures nowadays, that make carpet tiles suitable for every home.

  2. It's been a number of months since the renovation. I'm still pleased with the choices although the Flor tiles seem to give off a lot of "stuff"! Even though it's a very short pile, the room needs frequent vacuming to pick up the bits of carpet that continue to come loose. The squares themselves don't look compromised but the room needs more vacuuming then I expected.

    If money wasn't an issue, I would have chosen a more colorful pattern. I was under a budget and carpeting was the most expensive single item in the room.