Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paint Procurement and Great Lakes Restaurant Review

Waiting at the bus stop with 2 gallons of paint and a wood saw (in the backpack)
We rode an Ann Arbor bus that stops near our house to the nearest Home Depot for  wall paint as part of the Basement Improvement Program (BIP).  I had a sort of light golden buttercup color in mind for our cave-like basement walls.  But then you get to the paint department and there are a gazillion shades of yellow! 

This was just one display, with several more including Martha Stewart.  Is there nothing this woman doesn't touch?  Behr has a new product, since the last time we painted - a combination of paint and primer in one.  Not sure what that does but it was recommended.

After purchasing 2 gallons of paint, liquid nails, and a small saw we walked to the Great Lakes Restaurant for lunch.

Great Lakes Restaurant on Carpenter in Ypsilanti, MI
The exterior looks a little bleak.  Without having to go too much farther with 2 gallons of paint, and still wanting to do lunch, it was either here, White Castle hamburgers, or some non descript strip mall fare.

As it turns out, the interior was pleasant, though a little worn.  The tables were covered in pink cloths.

Lunch special menu - it all  looked the same!

The service was bit slow, considering we ordered off the lunch special menu.  As we waited sipping hot tea, lots of couples and families arrived filling up many of the tables.

hot tea

After the food started arriving, the best description I can give is - gelatinous, Red Food Dye No. 5, and MSG.

Egg drop soup - gelatinous

Hunan beef - not spicy, with plenty of red and brown sauce

Shrimp with garlic chive kau - the outer covering is best described as snot

Chicken and broccoli - good broccoli

Inside of the shrimp kau

Steamed pork buns - red dye no. 5

Deep fried shrimp ball - yummy
steamed spare ribs with black beans - ehw

Inside or pork bun - a little too much red color

Lobsters, crab, and tilapia for the catching!
For 2 lunch specials, glass of wine, one soda, and 4 dim sum, the bill was $31 plus tip.

Craig and I need to either stop eating out or set our sights towards a better class of restaurants - I don't need to stop by here again.

On to the next phase of the project - washing walls and removing base boards.  See here for before.


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  1. I've never been there myself, but according to a friend of mine who grew up in China, Great Lake is the most authentic Chinese food anywhere in the area.