Monday, January 3, 2011

Qdoba's New Addiction

Mexican Gumbo - not the best picture with my Ipod Touch but you get the idea

Stuart and his friends met me for lunch today.  We had talked about going to Great Plains Burger Company so I dutifully found nutrition information earlier to help me make good choices.  When we arrived, Stuart wanted a burrito instead so we went next door (sans nutrition information!) 

I ordered the Mexican Gumbo which is billed as "the new addiction".  And I have to agree, it's very tasty - beans, rice, broth, cheese, salsa, sour cream, grilled chicken and crispy strips.  I knew as I was inhaling it that I was eating a lot of food but I couldn't put it down.

Back at the office, I checked it out....775 calories!!  The Weight Watchers nutrition points is 19!!! DUH!

Like everything else at Qdoba's, it's large portions and heavy on the fat but tasted great.  Next time, I'll share my bowl. 


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