Monday, January 3, 2011

Boys Home for Dinner

Fish sticks, waffle fries, spinach salad, dried fruit, apple sauce, hummus, salmon sandwich, birthday cake
Stuart is winding down his last week home from college and his friends are coming and going - a perpetual revolving door. And no complaints from me.  I'm happy to have my oldest home.  This meal came together nice and quick.  While the waffle fries and fish sticks were baking, I pulled together some fruit and a spinach and carrot salad.  There were even a few pieces of birthday cake left over.

Cameron, Dean, Jake, and Stuart

Carl, Cameron, Dean and Stuart

Nate, Cameron, Carl, and Stuart

Rohan, Nate, Cameron, Carl, and Stuart

My plate - waffle fries, spinach salad, fish stick and hummus
It's been a really fun Winter Break....I'm sad that it will end this Saturday.  In the meantime, I'll be making meals for a big crowd. 


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