Thursday, November 4, 2010

Travel by Bike

I've never been a hard-core outdoor adventure person so taking a "vacation" on my bike has never entered my brain.  Today, I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel that said bike travel was profitable and on the rise.  See article here

Bicycle travel continues to grow in North America, according to research and anecdotal evidence from tour operators and tourism promoters in the United States.

Bicycle travel is becoming an increasingly visible part of the adventure travel market, which, according to a recent study issued by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, generates $89 billion annually.
The article continued with 10 more facts and figures.  So I'm wondering, who are all these bike travellers?  Anybody tried it yet?

The above photo was part of a second article that discussed the ins and outs of expensive versus cast-off gear and such from experienced bike travellers, another interesting article.  Check out the cool bike seat.

One of my favorite knitting bloggers, the Yarn Harlot, also takes bike vacations with her family.  Here's one that she took in 2007 from Toronto to Niagara Falls, with a bit of train time in between. She mistakenly booked a hotel room in Niagara Falls America instead of Niagara Falls Canada, great story!  (as long as it's somebody else!).  See story here


ps - I have those same rear panniers, only in bright yellow.  Great bags, even for local rides.

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