Thursday, November 4, 2010

Casey's Tavern

I had lunch today with a coworker at Casey's Tavern, located in Ann Arbor at the corner of Depot Street and 5th Avenue. 

From Casey's website:
Since 1986, Casey's Tavern has been serving up "Lots of Good Cheap Food and Dozens of Beers" to a legion of happy patrons.  Ann Arbor's "Neighborhood Bar", Casey's Tavern operates in the historic Depot Street building which housed the Washtenaw Lumber Co. for many years. A casual place with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the tavern has been a local favorite since opening its doors.
Perhaps most famous for its incredible hamburgers, Casey's has been a perennial winner of the "Best Burger in Town Award". The menu is quite eclectic and wide ranging, with everything from deli sandwiches, salads, fish and steaks to vegetarian fare, creative appetizers and homemade desserts. Coupled with the weekly changing "Blackboard Specials", it's certain that you will find something for everyone at Casey's.
The menu

The atmosphere is boisterous and bar-like.  I don't get out to taverns very often, so it's hard to compare but this place feels like Cheers in Boston (from the TV series, I haven't actually been there).  The bartenders are super friendly and the food is great. The bar is beautiful and that's where we sat.  My pictures don't do it justice.

I ordered the famous Meatless Joe after some serious internal debate between the Joe and a bar burger.  My friend had the daily soup - curried acorn squash with french fries.

Meatless Joe
 Grilled corn bread (sort of like the grilled polenta concept) topped with a spicy mixture of beans, lentils, rice and cheddar cheese.  If I were queen for a day, I would have added a dollop of sour cream. I would definitely get this again.  It was served along side cantaloupe and a huge strawberry.

The curried acorn squash soup was deemed by my dining companion to be "the best soup I've ever had here" - hard to top that compliment!

I took home all of the cantaloupe, half of the french fries and Meatless Joe, which I split amongst our dinner plates.  Here's my plate with a bit of Joe and fruit, plus some roasted kale and broccoli plus two over easy eggs.  Delicious.  Thanks Casey's!


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