Friday, October 29, 2010

New Camera

 When you have a blog, a great camera is a must.  My 3+ year old Nikon Coolpix wasn't taking the best of I whined...And today my new camera arrived from Amazon with this morning's mail.  A Cannon SD1400 IS Powershot. 

Opening the package!

I have to say, at first glance it was a bit disappointing, a tiny little thing.  How could this possibly improve my blogging photos!  It's about half the thickness and 1/3 less weight (yes I weighed the cameras on my food scale). 

The reviewers loved this point and shoot commenting that digital/computer aided cameras take better photos than human control.  We'll see.  Right now, the battery is doing it's first full charge so I"ll have to wait another 90  minutes.  And this time I'm going to inhale the manual and learn all about the features.

I will report back tonight with some dinner photos.  Until then, have a great day!


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