Friday, October 29, 2010

First Grocery Shopping Trip by Bus Adventure

Turns out the AATA 22 Connector bus runs every 30 minutes.  We can catch it at 17 and 47 minutes after every hour and returns from Meijers at the full and half hour.  Sweet. 

After a quick lunch of left over soup, bread and french fries, we set out to the store.

We live 9 minutes on foot to the bus stop.  The buses were running pretty close to schedule, not to crowded, pleasantly acclimatized, clean complaints.  We haven't purchased a rolling shopping cart yet so we brought along bags and baskets.  I don't even want to think about what I looked like today - bag lady anybody?
The 22 bus runs past Whole Foods, Arborland, Kroger, Meijer, and Glencoe Village - all your shopping needs.  The stop at Meijers is close to the front door and there's a little bus hut so no waiting in the cold or rain.  We finished our shopping in 30 minutes, then back to the bus stop.

The bus costs $1.50 per person per ride, so we spent $6 today hauling groceries.  The round trip including the walk took about 2 hours, 11/2 of which was transport.  It's not the sort of impromptu trip to make if you unexpectedly ran out of eggs.  

This was a test run to see if the bus would work when the weather gets a little more unpleasant.  With a little rolling cart, this will work well for one person.  All in all, a good experience, no complaints.  No need to rush out to buy a new car yet.

I left a compliment at AATA's website on the day of our trip and received a reply:

We greatly appreciate your complimentary remarks. We are so delighted that you had a pleasant experience with us. It is always pleasing to receive positive feedbacks as this is a constant source of encouragement and helps us to continue our successful work in the future. Thank you again and we look forward to serving your transportation needs.


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