Sunday, October 31, 2010

Name Change

I'm giving some thought to changing the name of this blog...we are not totally car-free.  We do use a Zipcar when needed and have reservations for a rental car over the week of Thanksgiving.

I'm looking for a blog name that captures the concept of responsible, intermittent car use, not routine mindless driving.  We use a car after we've thought through our options.

The blog is also about healthy lifestyle, especially cooking.  Preparing meals from scratch with little prepackaged ingredients. Incorporating exercise into our daily lives without resorting to hoping into a car to drive to a health club.  We try to buy as much local and seasonal ingredients as possible - eggs, lamb, pork, veggies, fruits etc.

When we first sold our cars for scrap, a friend suggested that we blog about the experience and I agreed that it was a great idea.  At the time "car-free in ann arbor" made sense.  Now, in hindsight, the name doesn't fit as well as I had originally thought.

Any suggestions?

I"ll mail a box of my oatmeal bars to the person who leaves a comment with a great name suggestion for the blog.  And should I change the URL too or just the name?  I'm new to blogging and open to suggestions and experience.


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