Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

The Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting article about the Chevy Volt.  And I have to admit to some of the bias that was mentioned in the article... bail out, unions, left stranded etc...With the LEAF having come to the forefront first, I was on board...but seeing as how the LEAF is turning into vapor-hype, I'm left wondering if my feelings about the Volt are misplaced? 

Although neither the Volt nor LEAF will be coming to my drive anytime soon...I haven't read the latest about when the Volt will become available and the LEAF isn't scheduled for Michigan until at least late 2011.  And then of course there's the price.  High.

Our family is ideally suited for an electric or electric/hybrid vehicle.  We only use the car for quick trips around town, no long commutes.  If the car's not charged, we can bike, walk or bus anywhere that we need to be.  We are in a holding pattern...waiting.....and why is that exactly? 

The Toyota Rav4 was available in the late 90's, of which 800 are still in use today, including one owned by the actor Tom Hanks. If I had payed attention, I would probably understand but I haven't taken the time to watch the movie  Who Killed the Electric Car...I'm like a petulant child - I want an electric car and I want it now because if we can send a man to the moon, why isn't there a better car available to me, I am after all, a consumer.


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