Monday, October 25, 2010

LEAF versus Volt or Just Regular versus Electric Cars?

Nissan LEAF Dashboard

The online Wall Street Journal had a series of interesting articles this weekend about the future of electric cars, and it was about as expected - nobody really knows and everybody has an opinion.  See here.

I found it curious that one of the reasons that people might not switch to electric cars is the long charging time (8 hours)
"There are life-defining moments when you find out you can't go pick up your kid who is sick because you don't have enough charge in your car and the next day people come back to the dealership and hand over the keys,"
The other interesting factoid that I learned was that the price point for switching to an electric vehicle in terms of cost per gallon:

Absent the government incentives—which could be ended at any time—Boston Consulting Group's Xavier Mosquet estimates that gasoline prices must rise to $8 to $9 a gallon before electric cars will be cost-effective for buyers.  If fuel hits $4 a gallon—compared to under $3 today—and with the current government incentives still in place, the U.S. market might support up to 5% of total sales going to electric vehicles by 2020.

I can't wait to see how the story will really end in a few years - boom or bust?

We reserved a spot on the LEAF list last April and are one of approximately 20,000 people across America who registered before the process closed for the year.  Michigan is not on the short list for LEAF distribution until late 2011...or beyond! 

How about you....would you risk a dead car and sick kid or stick with a regular car?


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