Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Kids Two Favorite Deserts

The kids have two favorite deserts that they ask for over and over again - Barefoot Contessa's lemon bars and Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.

Today, for Jake, I made the lemon bars .  I won't repeat the recipe here as I make it just like Ina says to.  I don't make any "enhancements" or short-cuts.  Just this way over and over again! This is also a "no-fail" recipe, nothing complicated - great results everytime.

I haven't made a batch of PW's cinnmon rolls lately - I'm holding off till Thanksgiving.  These are over the top.  I do "tweak" this recipe a bit as the kids would rebel if I put coffee in the frosting.  So I go with a more traditional cream cheese frosting than the maple glaze. 

Here's a picture of Pioneer Woman's greatness.  I'll post a photo of mine in a few weeks!

I found an old picture of a the cinnamon rolls before they were frosted. I make the rolls following the recipe except that I cut the dough into 24 rolls instead of about 50.  PW divides the dough into 6 or 7 pans with 8 or so rolls in each pan.  This is my favorite Wilton 12X18 pan.  I use it at least once per week.  The pan has a 2 inch side, making it easier to bake than a standard sheet pan.


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