Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 19 - Monday....

I tend to feel more hungry on Monday mornings, probably due to all the extras I eat over the long weekend.  I'm lucky to work a schedule that allows me to have every other Friday off from work.  With the extra time at home, I tend to cook and bake more elaborate meals.  There is also more bike riding and exercising to keep weight in check but I think my stomach gets used to more food over a long weekend and a Monday always seems to be an adjustment.

Lunch is going to be another packet of Tasty Bites.  I haven't tried this flavor yet but it has a lot going for it - cashews! An entire packet contains
280 calories
20 g fat
18 carbs/8 g fiber
8 protein

The ingredients are: water, green peas, tomatoes, onion, fenugreek, greens, cashew, spinach, cream, watermelon seeds, sunflower oil, salt, garlic, ginger, spices.  Works for me.  I'll catch up on animal protein for dinner, which I tend to find more filling.

Breakfast - 4 leftover chard quiche - equivalent of 2 eggs, splash of milk, bit of cheese (200?)

Lunch - V8 (30) and Tasty Bite Agra Peas and Greens (whole packet) (280)

Snack Buddy - small handfull of cashews (150)

Dinner - 1/2 small can salmon (100), guac, raw swiss chard, few fried potatoes, almonds (400)

For a daily total of about 1300 calories.  I had a few oven fried potatoes and the kids also had a smoothie and baked fish sticks.  This is another really cool hand made pottery bowl by Denise Kleiner.

The smoothie was made with a frozen packet of achia berry mix for 1, red apple, can of pineapple, few leaves and stalks of swiss chard, and some water, all lovingly mixed in the vitamix.  Split between 5 people.

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