Monday, February 14, 2011

McDonald's New Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger

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I finally made it over to the Golden Arches to try the new burger - Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger.  Which is odd because 1) I like McDonald's and usually try new things when they are offered and 2) McDonald's is more or less next to the office so I'm not sure why it's taken me 2 weeks to get there after the new burger was premiered.

I was not able to find a professional image of the burger - a glamour shot it you will.  The images on the web were all copy righted.

When I opened the box, the burger looked pretty good.  When I recently tried a McRib, the sandwich looked like it had done a few rounds with a stronger boxer!  It was a mess inside the box.  The Chipotle burger came partially wrapped in deli paper - nice touch.

On the plus side: Reviews I had read, didn't care for the limp bacon.  This burger had crispy bacon and it wasn't burnt either.  The pickles were thick crinkle cut slices - a better grade of pickles than the burgers on the Dollar Menu.  I was impressed too with the bun, a nice wheatier bread than the McRib or the Big Mac. 

On the negative side:  I was expecting something spicy, given the name - Chipotle.  The BBQ sauce tasted like the same overly sweet sauce used on the McRib, making me think that I was actually eating a "beef" version of the McRib sandwich!  The slices of American cheese were cold and unmelted as usual.  The purple onion slices were plentiful and thickly sliced - but a very strong, almost over powering bitterness. 

I think most of the negative aspects could be overlooked except for the BBQ sauce.  There was way too much sweetness for a big burger.  And this statement is coming from somebody with a sweet tooth and a leaning towards starting most meals with desert! 

The price for this burger in my neighborhood was $4.09 plus tax.

Overall, I liked the "feel" of the burger in my hands - it had some heft to it. I enjoyed the burger and would probably eat another, there's definitely some good qualities.  But I'm not rushing back, or salivating thinking of having another tomorrow.  That distinction belongs to the McGangbanger!  For twice as much money, the Chipotle Angus Burger didn't satisfy like the combination of McDouble and McChicken burgers off the Dollar Menu. 


Weight Watchers: Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger - 21 Points Plus.  For comparison, the Big Mac is 14 PointsPlus.

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  1. that is way too much for a burger