Tuesday, November 2, 2010

McRib is Back!

For the first time in 16 years, the McRib will be available at all McDonald's locations!  Yes, I love these things.  Although these days, I watch my calories a little bit more than I used to when these babies were first introduced.  Welcome to middle age spread.

According to McDonalds nutritional information on the web, a McRib boasts 500 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 26 grams for fat for a whopping 12 Weight Watcher points...more than half the points for a day and we're not even talking about french fries on the side.

The herd met me for lunch...they came on bikes.

The McRib cost $2.39 each in my neighborhood.  After wrestling it out of the box (it was covered in BBQ sauce and slippery) and had a few bites, it didn't taste as good as I remember from many years ago.

In my opinion, the far superior sandwich can be found on the Dollar Menu - combine a complete McChicken sandwich, bun and all, between the patties of a McDouble.  I'ts known in certain circles as the McGangbanger - it feels good at the time but sort of dirty afterwards.  For $2 plus tax, this is a fantastic sandwich.  If you dare, order the "McGangbanger" by name and see what happends - either you'll be kicked out of the facility or you'll get the sandwich already stacked as shown below.  Since I live and eat in the same neighborhood, I've never been brave enough to order it by name -  I whimp out and order the sandwiches individually.  Are you man enough?

I'm going to lay down now and let this thing digest. 



  1. How can you use the term "fantastic" to describe ANYTHING from McDonalds?

  2. Reply to Annonymous: There's a time and place for everything and every now and then, a sandwich from the Golden Arches hits the spot. Even Julia Childs, the queen of french cooking, admitted to liking McDonald's french fries.


  3. Astrid is right...sometimes you crave a french fry! Ann Arbor Used Cars