Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Man Van

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan.  What do you think - Man Van or Soccer Mom?
I read an article on Yahoo today that minivans are making a come back.  See article here New York Times reports on January 4.  A Dodge commercial refers to the Dodge Grand Caravan as the "man van". 

Chrysler, which invented minivans in 1983, plans to offer a high-powered version of its 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, aimed at fathers, which it has nicknamed the "man van."
And Ford, which stopped making minivans in 2006, is jumping back into the game with the diminutive C-Max. The seven-passenger vehicle is about two feet shorter than the Odyssey and Sienna and offers high-tech features like sensors that allow drivers to open the rear liftgate simply by waving a leg under the bumper.
Ford calls the C-Max a compact "people mover" and hopes its European design will make the vehicle practical for families without the unflattering "minivan" label. "Many are hard pressed to notice it has sliding doors. That wasn't by accident," said a Ford spokesman, Said Deep.
Having spent recent years making minivans more child-friendly through amenities like dual-screen entertainment systems and reconfigurable seating, the automakers are now focused on making them more appealing to adults, especially men, who have shied away from the vehicles and their connotations. Nearly every minivan sold in the United States has been redesigned in 2010 to offer flashier looks, more advanced technology and a sportier ride.

2011 Ford C-Max
The articles points out that while the manufacturers have a small niche market, the market is expected to grow as families are realizing the usefulness of the minivan and coming back to newer sportier models with loads of features.

What about you - will you be seen in a tan Ford minivan?


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