Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with an old service vehicle

The Yellow Party Bus
For a few years,  I've heard stories about my friend's "yellow bus" and I've finally seen some pictures and heard the story of it's origin.
When I worked for USA Jet Airlines at Willow Run Airport, they declared it surplus and I bought it for $100 and drove it home...I stopped at Dave's Bridgewater Depot Party store on my way home for a cold one and some guy offered me $500 on the spot--needless to say I passed...we have way too much fun with it.
I think a better name for this thing is Marginally Mobil Man Cave.  The Yellow Bus boasts a couch, a sink, and a microwave - what more does a man need?  And the beauty of this rig is that it's made out of aluminum so it won't rust away!
Party in the Bus
The Yellow Bus is stored in a barn in Bridgewater and periodically pulled out just far enough to function as a lounge.  Great way to recycle!


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