Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baked Potatoes Redux

A big left-over baked potatoes patty with a bit of baby spinach and cheddar cheese
But first, a little snackie for me - Cocao Roasted Almonds 14 grams, 12 nuts, 75 calories.

There was some baked potato left over from last night's dinner, whic I considered a perfect combo with eggs for Thursday Breakfast for Dnner Night.

I decided to turn the potatoes into a sort of large fried patty/hash brown sort of thing.  Another kitchen experiment.

For desert-Stroopies, a Dutch waffle cookie sandwiching a bit of syrup/caramel.

The kids like to microwave them for 5-8 seconds to get them a little bit melty
Before microwaves, the Dutch placed a cookie over a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate and heated the cookie a bit

 On to the potato patty...time to find some ingredients in the fridge.
 potatoes, cheese, spinach and egg
The potato patty mash
In the meantime, heat a large skillet over medium-high heat with olive oil.

Mash the mix down into the pan and get it nice and even
Do not stir the mixture, it should be sizzling and getting brown and crispy on the bottom.  The bottom will be the presentable top when finished.  After a few minutes, do your best to loosen and flip the patty.  I had a bit of trouble, I should have minced/mashed the potatoes a bit more.  Mine broke into chunks. Add a bit more oil to crisp up the new bottom.  After a few minutes, slide onto a serving plate.

Potato patty
Four for dinner tonight

My plate - potato patty, kale salad from yesterday, over easy egg with salsa
I'll make the potato  patty again, just mashing the mixture a bit more so that it will stay together and crisp a bit more evenly.  The potato patty is a good way to use up some extra baked or mashed potatoes.


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