Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Real Time

Desert cookie - thank you Stuart and Ceit

 Here are some shots of our day - most recent is first.  From Shrek II, "It's so nice to have the family home for dinner". 

Too much of a good thing

End of the meal - everybody feeling full

Pumpkin pie and whipped cream

Desert table

Enjoying the meal

Sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, turkey, gravy

Toasting Thanksgiving

The meal

Getting started

Carving baby bird

Pizza for those who don't care for turkey and fixings (who raised these kids!)

Mashed sweet potatoes with marshmellows

Mashed potoates and gravy, waiting

Sweet potatoes cooling

Turkey at rest

My recipes and list of things to do

More decorations

Christmas tree almost done

green beans
mashed potatoes and gravy

Turkey half way through

Tree skirt made by my mother-in-law years ago.  I've been afraid to cut it!

One of my mother's creations - a favorite

Friends decorating the tree

My mother and grandmother's little homemade friends

For some reason , the family prefers jellied cranberry sauce, not homemade
Kris set up the tree for me

Setting the table with fine china

Starting my favorite Christmas movie - Elf

My little elf setting up the tree

Bringing the fake plastic tree up from the basement

Sweet potatoes on the wood stove

prepping sweet potatoes

post race relaxation

Post race-pre dinner snack

"shoes off at the door!!!"  A mother's day is never done

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