Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ta Da! The New Banner

This is all so exciting!

Late in August, we scrapped the family cars and started a blog.  Then the blog started getting some traffic and regular readers. As the family adjusted to the new lifestyle, we came to realize that we were not strictly car-free but more of a conscientious car user.  Since late August, we've used Zipcar a few times, a taxi, rented a car, taken buses, walked, and of course ridden many miles on bikes.

With the evolving family lifestyle, the blog needed a bit of an update so we had a little contest to rename the blog.  A reader in Seattle sent in the winning entry. The Seattle Reader has received the bars and said that she was enjoying them.  See bars here

With a new name in the works, I once again asked  my very talented daughter to design another blog banner for me.  The child is a wonder - so creative and adept at multi-media arts.  This past Spring, she won first place in a Peeps photo contest with a photo called Napoleon Bona-Peep.  Two years ago she won second place in a local graffiti spray paint contest.  Kathrin also made this video shortly after we started this car-less thing

If you are interested in having Kathrin prepare some multi-media artwok for you, leave your contact information in the comment section below and I will pass it on to her.


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