Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner - a mess from the start

Egg and ham casseroule

Sometimes, a great meal just slips away through stupidity!

Case in point.  I had a day off today to honor our nation's veterans.  Which means there was no rushing about from the office to home to get a meal on the table, lickity split.  Plenty of time, no worries.

We still have a boat load of ham to I decided to prepare a recipe from called Ham and Cheese Strata.  It's now T-60 minutes until the designated dinner hour.  Bread, eggs, cheese, milk, ham...easy.  First mistake.  I use a pan that is too small. - it seems that 9X9 means just that, not 7X11 so there was  bit of spillage.  OK, moving on.  As I'm layering the eggs, bread, cheese etc and get to the end, I read, let sit for 3 hours or over night. It's now less than T-60, so I don't have 5 minutes let alone 3 hours or overnight to let pan sit.  Stick in oven anyway. 

Reread recipe and realize that this casserole needs to bake for 1 HOUR!  hello!  What sort of casserole needs to bake for one whole freaking hour....take a deep breath, nobody is dying or hungry.  Proceed.

Banana, strawberry and milk smoothie in the Vitamix
When the dish is finally set and cooling, prepare Vitamix smoothies and salads.

And I substituted whole wheat for white bread.  The results were OK but I wouldn't bother with this again. even though the marginal results were my fault...I would rather have an egg on toast...too much trouble.

My plate - wedge of casseroule and salad with hummus

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