Friday, November 12, 2010

Breakfast for My Champions

Bratwurst on wheat with mustard
We have a pig on order for later this year.  It's been an endless debate as to how it should be butchered - type of sausage, thicknesss of pork chops, less ham etc.  The boys had been wanting to try bratwurst before they committed to the next pig order, so we picked up 2 bratwurst from Whole Foods yesterday.

Waiting for the pan to heat up

Frying up in a ridged cast iron skillet
With ketchup on wheat
Deconstructed sausage with bread and mustard
Using Gary's Custom Meats in Union Michigan to butcher our pig, we get a choice of 2 types of sausage.  The decision was unanimous - bratwurst and Italians sausage (no breakfast sausage), plenty of bacon, no ham.  Great way to start the day - discussing a pig's cut list!


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