Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relaxing Saturday - part 2, the Tomato Party

Craig returned from the Farmer's Market weary but smiling - 50 pounds of tomatoes for $15!  Notice the tomatoes in the bag on the handle bar and in the blue tool bag.  He even had a few in his pockets.
Craig returning from the Market with 50 pounds of tomatoes
Time for tomato soup and tomato sauce by the gallon.

I cored the tomatoes and purred them in batches using the Vitamix.  I did not blanch off the skin or remove the seeds, just purreed the tomatoes and added them to a stock pot with a bit of olive oil, minced onion, and garlic.  Notice how it's sort of pinkish when freshly purreed.  After cooking for a few hours, the tomatoes will turn a beautiful deep red.
Purreed tomatoes added to a large stock pot
Cook down for hours!  After 4 hours, it will look like this.
After bubbling on the stove for 4 hours
I started a second pot about an hour after the first one.  I"m guessing that the pot on the right holds 2 gallons, and after 4 hours, 1 gallon has evaporated.  At this point, it only needs a bit of salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and fresh basil to make a nice tomato soup.
Fresh tomato soup with cheese and pepperoni toast
Cheese and Pepperoni Toast
scoop of mayonaise
handful of mozzarella cheese
small handfull of parmesean cheese
minced pepperoni
salt, pepper, parsley

In a smallish bowl, stir together everything but the bread.  When mixed, spread on bread and toast under a broiler until bubbling and starting to turn brown.
Cheese and pepperoni bread ready for the broiler
Cheese and Pepperoni toast out from the broiler
Bon Appetit



  1. Hi Astrid, it's Galatea, Nina's sister. I found your blog through your facebook page. I love it. I have so much admiration for all the things you create and having spoken to Nina, very envious of your vitamix! Don't think I can convince my other half we really need one right now though!! I love the look of your tomato soup - our two tomato plants have produced a total of .... one tomato! I'm definitely going to have to stick to bought sauces this year unfortunately!
    All the best

  2. Hi Galeta
    Thanks so much for commeting. This sofware package doesn't allow me to reply directly but hopefully you'll see this soon enough. Our tomatoes didn't produce too much either so we ended up buying them from a local market. Would it help you out if I converted recipe measurements in metric units instead of the American system?

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